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"Advanced Funk Studies one of "The 25 Greatest Drum Books Ever Published"..."This book was mentioned by several professionals as their book of choice" 

(August 1993)  Modern Drummer Magazine, U.S.A.

"The Bible for Funky Drumming...Advanced Funk Studies w/two cassette tapes" 

Drums and Percussion Magazine,  Germany

"Our readers have acclaimed your book Contemporary Drumset Techniques as the most interesting drummers book of this year, 1991." 

Slagwerkkrant Magazine,  The Netherlands

"Unless your name is Steve Gadd or Harvey Mason, this title should be in your collection.

The Drum Reader,  England

"Rick Latham has raised a generation of drummers with his superb Advanced Funk Studies...and his new book Contemporary Drumset Techniques is brilliant.

Batteur Magazine,  France

"Advanced Funk Studies is definitely one of the most studied books of drumming literature...Contemporary Drumset Techniques is instructive and very exciting...definitely a recommendation...

Music Maker Magazine,  The Netherlands

"These challenging solos would make excellent material for juries and competitions...The two tapes are a valuable resource with this method...Advanced Funk Studies." 

Percussive Notes Magazine,  United States

"Advanced Funk Studies is among the best of the lot...a well produced text on funk drumming styles. Those wishing a good compilation of funk patterns are advised to investigate Latham's book...Contemporary Drumset Techniques provides a wealth of material...these techniques can lead to a great degree of control on the drum set..." 

Modern Drummer Magazine,  United States

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